Roofing- An Integral Part Of A Building

by Scott Rodgers

Roofing is the most essential component of the building. So, its installation is the costliest and most tedious from all the works. The exterior architecture of the clay tile roof is classy, but accidentally the roofs are not. The roof is such a part of a building that can not be changed on a regular basis. Hence, roof installation should be carried out very efficiently, such that the roofs complete their average life which is about fifteen years.

The type of roofing should be dependent on the nature of the weather and the place where you stay. Always ensure that the roofing suits the design of the house and also the weather. With clay tile roofing you do not require much maintenance as it lasts much longer than any other roofing type.

A clay tile roofing has many advantages, but one of its drawback is that these tile can not be installed by anyone and everyone. So a specialist is required for it. Also while renewing it, you will have to face the same problem.

The clay tile roofing requires special materials and the cost is also higher than other types of roofing. This type of roofing is only suitable for hot climates where the roof is covered with clay tiles and fights against the scorching sun and heat.

It is a hard task to repair a clay tile roof. But if you have some good tile repairing tools than you can repair it all by yourself. First and foremost clear out the cracked mortar with a cold chisel and hammer. Then clean the cap tiles sensitively. Be sure that you keep the same order.

After this part gets over, soak the tiles in water for few hours. Then mix cement and sand in a ratio 1:3 and add enough water to prepare a stiff mixture. With the help of a trowel, the mixture is spread all over the area where there was mortar before.

Then replace the tiles and clean up any mortar poking out with a trowel. If there is any major repairs then call a professional roofer to fix the problem.

This type of roofing is eco-friendly and can ber easily reused.

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