Reverse Telephone Number Search

by Mark Black

How many times have you tried to do a reverse telephone number search and failed, especially a cell phone number search? The problem is that there are many phone numbers that aren’t listed. This can be a problem if you’re looking for a specific number urgently.

The need for a number right away may come from prank calls to a phone or a suspicious number on your partner’s/lover’s cell phone or bill.

There are many ways to find out who owns a phone number. For landline phone numbers, there is the white pages; for unlisted numbers there is a little extra work involved. This can also be done with online databases. There are many available sites on the web. If you are not sure whether the number is landline or cell phone the internet is the best option.

When it comes to doing a reverse telephone number search on a cell phone number; networks do not provide the information to the public domains. This will make the reverse telephone number search for a cell phone number more difficult; but hey, nothing is impossible!! One way to search is to type the number in the search box of your computer with the area code; there are times when this works wonders for you and the best thing, it’s free. You could also use the *67 from an outside phone but this is not always good because you could be letting the prankster or cheater know you are on a search for them and they will just take a different route.

There is another option that is relatively easier and less time consuming. Using a reverse cell phone directory; it’s not free it may require small fee anywhere from $10 – $35. This is due to the fact that these directories are online databases which have to be constantly updated as and when new phones are added.

When using a reverse telephone number search, remember to find one that will let you test whether the owner’s cell phone number is present in the database.

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