Regular Inspections- A Longer Roof Service Life

Roof is the most vital part of your home. It is actually one of the largest investment for any home owner. Therefore, it is very important to take good care of this most essential aspect of the home. Preventative maintenance saves money and gives you a longer roof service life and for this regular inspections are a must. Here are some useful tips on what all should your inspection project comprise of.

The very first thing to keep in mind is that keeping the roof clean is very essential. So, while inspecting the roof, remove all the debris, leaves and other unneeded particles as these can cause damage to the roof. Leaves and debris traps moisture which can give rise to molds and mildew. These can block the flow of water and can clock the gutters as well putting unnecessary weight on the roof. You can use a plastic leaf rake, push broom, or air blower to clean the roof.

Some amount of sunlight should also reach the roof. So if there are so many trees in front of your roof, trim that in such a way that sunlight make it’s way to your roof. This will reduce the moisture and mildew problem and will prevent the debris from collecting over the roof.

Gutters are an important part of the roofing system. So, make sure to check them for any debris or leaves etc. Their proper is very important for the roof. Also, check for any cracks or openings.

Always wear gloves for protection while cleaning the roof. Debris may include sharp and pointed particles which can harm you. Collect all the debris into a bucket and then flush the gutter with a hose. Do carry a hammer with you to fix any loose nails and fix the gutter back to it place.

Check for any loose flashings or flashing with holes. These are used in areas around the chimneys, vents, skylights etc. and can me made up pf copper, steel aluminum etc. Also, look for damaged roof shingles and get them fixed at the earliest.

If you find loose flashing, dont simply nail it back down. Replace the nails with galvanized screws for a longer lasting solution. Then, cover the screw heads with roofing cement. If you have copper flashing, use copper screws. Galvanized metal will cause copper to corrode.

For sloped roofs, cleaning the debris and the gutters twice a year will keep many drainage problems away. For flat roofs, you need a drainage system that handles water, and it should be in working order at all times.

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