Quick And Effective Methods To Deal With Blocked Drains

Imagine yourself in a situation where you have guests at your place and in the middle of all preparations suddenly you notice that the drain of your kitchen is clogged. Things are worse when you are getting late for office and you find that the shower is not working or may be the flush is choked.

These are very common problems faced by homeowners. The inconvenience caused by these clogged drains is immense. You then start thinking of the options available with you to unclog drains.

But all clogs are not very hard to remove. Many a times you can easily handle the situation yourself without calling a professional plumber. There are some easy ways that you can try out at home. In case they do not work, one should go for a professional plumber to get the problem fixed.

Here are some inexpensive household remedies which can be used to unclog drains.

The first thing one can do to unclog drains is to simply pour hot water. Sometimes it is only bits of food items, strands of hair etc that obstruct the drain. Pouring boiling water on the drain can remove such small clogs.

Another solution that you can try is put half a cup of baking soda and half cup of vinegar followed by boiling water. This combination can help removing slightly tough clogs which are not tightly packed in the drain. You can use this solution on your drains every month as a preventive measure.

After trying the above methods, if you are still not able to solve the problem, you can go for a plumbing tool which is commonly known as a plunger. It is an effective method for clearing clogs. A plunger works on the principle of hydraulic pressure so make sure the sink has good amount of water before you start plunging it. Apply force and try plunging it a few times and then check if the water begins to flow out smoothly.

Which ever methods you choose to unclog drains, just make sure these are fixed as soon as possible. You just need some patience and some simple tools by your side and in case things are out of your control, then you can call the plumber and get things fixed.

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