Price and Quality — The Secret Behind Dell PCs

by Jordan McPelt

What is it about Dell that sets it apart from its countless competitors? With the ballooning personal computer industry and its soaring demand coupled with new and existing companies quickly capitalizing on this growing need, consumers still flock to Dell for their pcs. By why? It’s a secret. Well, perhaps not a real secret — just one that is known by new and loyal Dell followers. That secret is price and quality. Not much of a real shocker, this we can all concede. But finding that right dependable product at the right price with all the right features — that’s a find. And, that’s a secret.

From the company’s launch in 1984, Dell quickly set the standard for low prices, and has always been widely accepted for their ability to offer rock-bottom prices. The organization’s secret to success lies in its manufacturing processes. Manufacturing and producing their pcs at their own facilities has allowed Dell to keep costs significantly down.

The organization further implemented and perfected its lean production techniques, and these low costs directly translate into low consumer prices. With pc prices currently as low as $299 for their Mini laptops, $499 for their Inspiron models, $649 for their Studio models and $749 for their XPS models, Dell clearly sets the standard. Their prices are low because their costs are low. Period. And the consumer benefits.

However, price shares some room at the top. Its partner is quality. With its previously mentioned perfected manufacturing processes, efficiency (low cost) is only merely a byproduct. Its true goal is quality. And, this is where Dell sets itself apart from the competition. From the most basic PCs used primarily for surfing the web to the most advanced and ultimate gaming laptop available, all are backed by the quality of its components, and all include Intel processing chips. These include Intel Celeron, Pentium, Core 2 Duo and Centrio 2. With all laptops carrying these dependable and well-respected processing cores, this is one of the features that really sets Dell apart.

Dell has its followers. Not only are they highly pleased and vigilantly loyal, but they have a secret. Their secret is that they found the best PCs for price and quality. The competition pales in comparison, and they continually research, develop and implement products and marketing strategies to chip away at this industry leader. They do this because they realize Dell has unlocked this secret. And it is a secret that the organization is highly effective in sharing with its customers.

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