Picking out the Perfect Fair to Sell In

by Ian Kleine

Fairs are all good and dandy. After all, it is a place where businesses start and are nurtured by the community, where businesses are put to the test whether they could make it to the outside world or not.

However, it is not just the matter of thinking what to sell in the town festival. There is the bigger focus of WHAT fair to sell your stuff into. Deciding which festival to enter is not a small thing.

It holds the same magnitude as that of thinking what to sell, where to set your post up, and what to decide on your motif and all other things. There are things you must consider to make good money and profit when doing business with fairs. And factors play a big role in that.

Think about the season. You have to have a good audience. Most fairs that promise good market value are those that occur during the summer and fall seasons. Winter and Spring are a no-no (unless your wares are all themed for that season, then give it a go). Winter and Spring posts the most difficult seasons for transportation.

Most people would be too iffy to go out of their houses and would rather spend their time inside with the AC. Summer and Fall boasts a good attendance as the heat makes people restless. The roads are dry and the common mindset is that of the bored citizen. Service that citizen and make good profit.

Think about the venue. Indoors or outdoors? The security and comfort of indoors and the trade markets beat the humidity and heat of the outdoors. A comfortable environment can attract more customers and more prospects. It might be a tad expensive than outdoor fairs, so mull over that thought as well with your expenses.

Think about the audience. The gender demographics. The racial demographics. Think about what type of people would go to that fair. A vegetable and fruits fair is a general staple in most states. But if your product is making charcoal drawings, surely that won’t be a good addition to the fair. You better make a pass then.

The perfect fair to sell in is the place where you have a good market, a good reputation and a good number of the audience hooked on to your idea. It is wise to consult your community of what their opinion is about your product beforehand.

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