Personalized Fortune Cookies – A Great Way To Get Your Message Out

by Rufus Sprague

Anyone who has ever eaten at an Asian restaurant knows how much fun fortune cookies can be. Whether they enjoy eating the cookie or not, the first thing everyone does is break it open to see what their fortune says. What if there was a way to harness this curiosity to pass on what you want to say? A custom made fortune cookie, one that says whatever you want it to, is sure to get people talking.

It turns out that you can. A quick search on the internet turns up a lengthy list of companies that specialize in creating custom fortune cookies. Instead of being mass produced, these cookies are made for individual customers who can customize the cookies themselves as well as the messages contained within them.

The possibilities really are endless. You could choose chocolate or candy coated cookies in any color imaginable. You can have the cookies themselves dyed any color in the rainbow. You can have them laid out to form a fortune cookie bouquet. You can even change the size of the cookies if you want, from tiny to giant.

The part of the cookie that you really want to customize is the fortune. This is the part that people will remember the most. Custom made fortune cookies can be a very successful way to promote your business. The person who received the cookie is likely to remember what they read on that little piece of paper. Better than that, they may just tell their friends about it.

These cookies are also a great way to send out announcements, thank yous or apologize to your special someone. No matter how angry a person is, they will likely find it hard to resist a fortune cookie bouquet. Each cookie is its own little apology. Planning a get together? Send out custom fortune cookies instead of invitations. This will get you a great response. You could even get a batch dyed pink to announce the birth of your daughter

Face it, the world is full of people. Everyone needs something to help rise above the crowd. Custom fortune cookies may just give you the edge you need. They are a fun and unique way to communicate with those around you and should prove to be well worth the cost.

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