Personal Check Designs

by Bob Betzer

Comparative choices for choosing personalized check designs are readily available on the web. Established check printer manufactures have the opportunity to showcase their extensive selection and market inexpensively to the public. Ordering direct gets the purchaser a price break not found at their financial institution.

If you are not aware of all the themes available here are some ideas. Some category choices are in the American pride themes, animals and pet themes, causes, careers, stylistic designs, nature themes, special interest and sports themes and many more.

There are even other themes including floral checks, love and friendship design themes, sea and shore checks, inspirational and angels checks, fun and cool checks, solids and patterns designer checks and many more. Anyone should be able to find a category of interest that suits their particular bent.

Environmentally conscious shoppers are often choosing recycled checks for their personalized designs. Also, the choice of soy-based biodegradable alternative products are available. Many check print manufacturers incorporate these consumer and environmentally friendly options into their offerings.

A large number of check printing concerns have their checks printed on recycled 24lb. MICR bond paper using soy-based inks. The soy-based MICR toner is often the environmentally conscious choice for these manufacturers.

Scientific studies demonstrate that soy-based ink degrades faster. It degrades approximately twice as fast as that made from petroleum resins and oils and four times as completely as standard petroleum inks and resins.

Many community recycling programs, recycling collectors and manufacturers use the increased quantities of recovered materials that are the result of collection programs. The quality is equal to virgin new fiber content and it employs a more grassroots collection labor force. Recyclers, homeless, vagabond collectors as well as small businesses contribute greatly to the process. You get green without sacrificing quality or price.

Also, when you buy online direct from the check printer manufacturer they not only produce great personal bank checks, address labels, contact cards and checkbook covers featuring beautiful inspired designs but charge less than your bank charges, generally about 50% less. And considering no sales tax and faster shipping, ordering online is a terrific bargain!

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