Orange temptation arrival Sennheiser PMX80 Sports Headphones

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Early in the domestic Sennheiser introduced a sports-type headphones PMX80, which PMX70 headphones are an upgrade, use the orange wire, giving brighten feeling very stylish atmosphere, using post-linked design now arrive in Xi’an, the latest quotation for 378 yuan.

Sennheiser PMX80 sport headphones packaging

Sennheiser PMX80 hung using the first beam design, does not affect the user at the Hair Style At the same time, provide a solid feel and comfortable to wear. Playback part of the structure of traditional earplugs, ear plugs to avoid the sense of the plug. The entire headset is more lightweight and will not have to wear cumbersome feeling fit in running, cycling and other sports wear in use.

Sennheiser PMX80 sport headphones details

This post linked durable ergonomically designed earplugs to the neck strap and vertical transducer is characterized by, bringing an ideal fit and comfortable to wear. Khan, the structure of water and bring earplugs This love of music and sports to become Friends of the ideal partner.

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Sennheiser’s sports update this Product to headphones more detailed delineation of the market, but also meet the different needs of the consumer groups, the Friends may be interested to look at.

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