Options In Deciding Upon A Name For Your Baby Boy

by Chris Channing

A baby name, whether for a boy or a girl, is hard to pick out and can take months to decide. Baby boy names are so plentiful that it is almost necessary to have more children to be able to use all the baby boy names one can’t rule out! Jokes aside, there are some ways to get down to the bottom of finding the right baby boy name.

In many cases, we rely on instinct to make decisions for us. This can be the case in naming a baby boy, since each parent will likely have a few names they already prefer based on experiences they have had growing up. An example would with childhood heroes, in which an association with a name is made and one’s feelings towards a specific name is increased. It’s nice to have some initial suggestions such as this, but do look for other possibilities and listen to one’s partner for suggestions.

Baby books are a popular item for pregnant mothers and soon to be fathers. They are commonly found in book stores or even your average general store, and some magazines run specials every now and then listing the most popular baby boy names. Obviously, there is plenty of publications to choose from- even from online resources that can be looked at for free, which can help costs by saving money on a book.

When naming a baby boy, most don’t think of the impact that a name will have on the development of the child. Some sciences explain that a name will dictate how a baby boy grows up, and what type of personality he develops as a young man. Research such philosophies, such as the Kabalarian philosophy, for more information.

Baby boy names shouldn’t be limited by ethnicity or location. Being diverse and straying away from the common “John” or “Tom” can make one’s son truly unique and unlike others in the community. Some even borrow names that are sometimes associated with girl names- such as “Alex” or “Sam.” Either way, it’s nice to get away from the normal and think of something truly creative.

Ultimately, the right name is going to be found though a joint operation between both parents. Baby books, online resources, and philosophies are all helpful in choosing a name- but in the end the decision comes down to the mother and father and what their own personal experiences have told them to name the baby. Just try to make it a fun positive experience, and not a negative one that spurs arguments over what to name a baby boy.

Closing Comments

As a last note of advice, be sure to decide the baby boy’s name as soon as possible in order to avoid arguments or confusion later on in the pregnancy. Having a baby is stressful enough without the confusion of deciding on a baby name, so make a choice as early as possible.

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