On Page Optimization – The Right Ingredients

In order to rank substantially with the see engines, your webpages must be optimized around those keywords. This is known as on-page optimization. Here are the main factors you should consider when optimizing your websites:

Prominence of keywords. Your keyword should be used in the h1 header tags, title and description tags. It should – where possible- be used at the beginning of any text block; the search engines generally assign more weighting to this location.

Inclusion of synonyms. Search engines realize that a substantially written article module use a difference of semantically related terms. To intend a meliorate idea of what those terms may be, consult a thesaurus or the seeable see engine Quintura.

Improve proximity of keywords. When possible, you should include your keywords together. However, if the keywords sound awkward -e.g. it isn’t read well by a living, breathing human- you should still try to keep the keywords close to each other. For example, if your keyword is “digital country music” you can alter the text into a phrase like “country music for digital downloads.”

Proper structure of URL. Be sure to include the targeted keyword in the URL. For example, \”yourwebsite.com/your-keyword-here.\” Make sure to separate your keywords with a dash kinda than an underscore, as see engines do not recognise underscores as a separator.

Use your keywords often… but not too often. As a hard and fast rule, the keywords should appear every cardinal words or so. Concise writing crapper support you in this endeavor; kinda than using titles much as \”Country Music Downloads On The Internet\” you crapper improve your keyword density with the title \”Country Music Downloads.\”

In short, Google basis its rankings on two major factors: the importance of your website and its relevance to the search query. Having one without the other is like having a wheelbarrow with different sized wheels: you aren’t getting anywhere. Let’s look at these two factors- importance and relevance- more closely.

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