On Hold Advertising in the Hospitality Industry

by Kirby Whitehall

Every single day telephones are playing an increasingly vital role in the business world, yet the majority of these businesses do not utilize on-hold messaging. On hold messaging is what your potential customers hear while they wait on hold. Studies have shown that people are willing to stay on hold for more time when they?ve got something to listen to. On hold advertising shows your customers your company is professional and greatly values them as a customer. With so much of modern business done over the phone, how can any business owner afford not to use on hold advertising?

Hotels and motels are not exempt from this. If you need to put a potential customer on hold, why not give them something to listen to? Anything is better than silence and it just may be part of why they choose to stay with you over a competitor. As somebody in the business of pleasing people, you surely know how vital first impressions are. With on hold advertising for your hotel or motel you?ll gain the edge over competitors and make your establishment look more professional, informative and welcoming.

There are a few different methods of on hold advertising and you should know your options. The first of which is music on hold. While not really as successful at selling packages and rooms as spoken messages are, music on hold is still an effective way of entertaining your prospective customer while they wait. This could mean the difference between them purchasing a room for the night or hanging up, tired of being on hold for so long.

While on hold music successfully serves its purpose, its small potatoes in comparison. On hold advertising is often utilized by companies everywhere to educate their customers on their history and mission. What makes your business better than the one down the road? On hold advertising is an excellent way to tell your potential customers just that, and even more.

The most proven effective method of on hold advertising is what I call ?on hold selling?. It?s amazing to think about but what if sales made themselves? With on hold advertising they very well might. You can take the opportunity to tell your customers about packages, deals or services you?re offering that they may otherwise not hear about. If you?re not using on hold advertising you might be keeping your customers ignorant about your offers and deals, while on hold is the perfect time to educate them on such things, as it?s been shown that people are willing to listen while on hold.

On hold advertising is also a very effective means of delivering customer service. Some companies use the time a customer is on hold to answer commonly asked questions regarding the company. This helps free up time for the front desk staff, increasing productivity. It?s also great for the customer if they can get their questions answered in such a quick, professional manner.

When searching for a company to do your on hold advertisements, it?s important to search for a company as professional as yours is. A good company will get to know the ins and outs of your business in order to create a completely personalized message tailor made to fit your hotel or motel. Setting up your on hold advertising can be easy, too. A good company will offer you a simple to install plug and play system so you?re on hold advertising is never a hassle more than a help.

With all the advantages to on hold advertising, I?m very surprised more businesses don?t take advantage of it. Luckily for you though, this simply means there?s an easy way to get the edge over the competition. The professionalism and warmth one gets from a good on hold advertisement is paled only by the possible sales on hold adverts provide. With so many benefits and virtually no drawbacks, why isn’t your on hold advertising system installed yet?

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