New Slatwall Shopfittings for Versatile Retail Display

by David Murphy

The quality of the slatwall components used in slatwall displays, can make or break the display! Quality slatwall components, that are durable, will lead effortlessly to more efficient retail displays, as well as a longer life of all displays. Whether a display is freestanding, full glass, or glass front, a kiosk, video shelving, a custom checkout, or any other custom display, the slatwall components are an integral part of any display’s overall success.

The slatwall components that exist today are a cut above those of a mere twenty years ago, due to these technological advances, and the more durable, quality slatwall components are relatively cost effective now, due to the use of a plethora of materials available for construction.

Everything from timber applications to plastics exists now, alongside aluminum products, and quality retail fixtures have advanced to the point where many times the organizational needs of business offices as well as homeowners are being met with slatwall components

Making space is almost a necessity in many businesses and homes, and the shopfitting industry as a whole is seeing an upsurge in purchases of their products from both businesses and homeowners.

Sales can be enhanced, mobility or product implemented, and organization restored to retail establishments, businesses, and private homes, but only if and when the proper slatwall components are chosen and used

Space utilization is also a premium with panel store fixtures, as all available wall space is utilized effectively, while still maintaining much open flooring and a clean and vibrant look to the store layout. This minimalist approach has led to the longevity of the panel as a retail favorite and the panel store fixtures have increased the already existing flexibility enormously.

Mouldings are either joining mouldings, edge mouldings, or corner mouldings, and can be used solely or together to exhibit goods with the utmost of ease. Joining mouldings are a simple choice for joining two panels together, while edge mouldings come in a variety of sizes and shapes for the development of more complex displays.

Merchandisers are limited only by their imaginations when using panel store fixtures, and panel store fixtures pay for themselves, obviously, many times over, by extending the reach of displayable materials and the sales that occur with the extended reach.

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