Mortgage Broker Marketing Methods

by Direct Mortgage

Today, we are witnessing the most serious recession of the past decades. Midst this crisis, people try to live their lives normally, organize their time and space and make dreams about the future. Buying a house is among these dreams. Mortgage brokers are also trying to survive the unfriendly conditions and even expand their businesses, promoting the products available in the marketplace. Even if you as a broker are already actively marketing, there are still new options you might try, or ideas you have not yet implemented that can turn past clients and prospective clients into current business.

What are the most effective and pertinent marketing techniques? Which are the methods that can make a difference and increase clientele even amidst a serious recession? Even if you think you already know all the tricks, there is always something new to learn, or at least something that you know but haven’t implemented yet. Here are some possibilities to try:

Benefit from existing clientele: Besides your database of past clients, you have hopefully created a list of potential clients who have expressed some interest in your services or who could be interested under the right circumstances. Use these lists to generate new business by sending out post cards or flyers, or by having someone call the prospective client. Share with the prospect the benefits of obtaining a mortgage now and how you can help them.

Promotion though professionals: utilize your network to build your business and provide a needed benefit to your network’s clients. Attorneys, CPA’s, moving companies, etc., know people who may need a mortgage. You can either have your professional contact send out a marketing message on your behalf, or if permission is granted, you might contact the network’s clients directly. The existing relationship between your network professional and his clients can generate trust in you.

Approach sellers: homes for sale by owners can be a great marketing venue. You can come in contact with sellers and buyers; buyers can be interested in financing the actual purchase and the sellers might be interested in applying for money in order to buy a new house once the old one is sold.

Compelling message: the cornerstone of every marketing campaign is the communication of the right message. People who seek for a mortgage need to deal with several problems and issues related to their future purchase; brokers who can meet their borrowers’ needs and communicate their ability in a believable way are the one who expand their business even during difficult economy.

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