More Information About Locum Tenens

by K. Kaminski

Locum tenen sis Latin for one who holds a place. The phrase refers to a physician working in the place of another physician when he or she is absent, or when a hospital or practice is short-staffed.

Locum tenens provide a way for organizations to fill positions that are either temporarily empty (due to sickness, leave, or other reasons) or for which no long-term funding is available. Locum tenens jobs also allows a professional to try (and get experience in) a wide range of work environments or specialization fields.

Locums also offer physicians a chance to travel and work in interesting, rewarding assignments across the US before they choose to settle in an area or before they decide on their next career step. Some physicians even use locum tenens as a way to transition into semi-retirement while still earning income.

Finally, locum tenens give physicians the opportunity to make an important contribution: With US locum tenens, government assignments offer the opportunity to serve a unique population of patients and make a huge difference in their lives. In addition, federal facilities will accept any valid state medical license in good standing; this often makes it easier to get into an initial locum tenens assignment, work in a variety of assignments, and/or create a rotating schedule through multiple facilities.

When finding a locum tenens position, most physicians opt to work with a placement service. When researching different placement agencies, physicians should take into consideration the years of experience the agency has; the number of physicians they place; how much they assist with the credentials and verification process; and how willing they are to work to find an ideal locum tenens position for you.

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