Meeting the Club Penguin Band

by Steven Archer

The Club Penguin Band is a famous band in the Club Penguin game. There are four penguins that play in the band and they sometimes show up on stage in the game. They will show up to play at special parties, such as the St. Patrick’s Day Party or Valentine’s Day Party. They also played at the Music Jam festival in 2008 and are scheduled to play again at the 2009 Music Jam. If you are lucky enough to meet them backstage during their breaks at Music Jam, you can click on them to get a special player card background featuring the band and their autographs.

The Club Penguin Band includes four members at present. The members are G. Billy (dark blue penguin who plays drums and flute), Petey K (green penguin who plays accordion and piano), Stompin’ Bob (red penguin who plays stand-up bass/cello) and Franky (yellow penguin who plays acoustic guitar). They always appear together as a group, and are normally playing music on stage. They also have appeared numerous times in the game, beginning with the Winter Luau in 2006. Their most recent appearance was backstage at the Club Penguin Play Awards. They are also scheduled to perform and appear at Music Jam 2009.

During the Wild West party in 2006, they appeared as part of a special activity for players. During that party, they misplaced their musical instruments and penguins played a scavenger hunt to find them. Every player who completed the scavenger hunt got a Club Penguin Band player background. The band appeared again at the Music Jam 2008, playing on stage at the Iceberg. During breaks, they would appear on different servers in the Backstage area, where members had the chance to meet them and obtain the special autographed player card background. They appeared yet again backstage at the Club Penguin Play Awards in 2009 and players had another chance to get the special background.

The band will appear again at Music Jam 2009 and they will be backstage in the members-only area during breaks. The band will move between servers, just like Rockhopper does during his visits to the Club Penguin island. You will need a little luck and a lot of patience to spot the band backstage, and here are a few tips to make your search easier. First, they will only appear on break backstage, so you need to be a paid member to meet them. If you’re not a paid member, you will not get to see them backstage and get the special player background card. Second, the band will move often and will only stay on each server a short time, so the best strategy is to pick a server and wait backstage for them to come to you. When they do appear on a server, the room can get full very quickly. If you don’t have the time or patience to wait for them to come to you, you can use a Band Tracker to find out which server they’re on at that moment. You may need to try a few times because they appear on popular servers, which get crowded fast.

Meeting the Club Penguin Band can be a really fun experience and getting a copy of the autographed player background card is a special treat. The Club Penguin Band only makes a few appearances each year, so being prepared and knowing how to find them can really help. Good luck with your search!

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