Main Types Of Health Plans

One of the prerequisites of having sound mind and healthy body is caring for our health and giving what our body needs. Having a healthy body leads to greater productivity, and better outlook in life. But admit it; there are times when our bodies are not in their best and accidents may happen.

It is better to be prepared than ill-prepared when our health needs immediate attention. Investing in a health insurance for your healthcare needs is better than nothing especially now that medical costs are expensive.

Do you really need a health insurance? Getting one is not required by law that is why many people do not have this. But acquiring one means that when something happens to you that needs medical attention, your insurance will cover your expensive medical bills. Choose one that really fits your needs

Here are the four main types of health plan/insurance to choose from:

1. Health Maintenance Organization (HMO) -This is a simple and effective plan suitable for many individuals and employers. The person who gets this insurance chooses their primary physician for their regular medical care within the insurance network. The primary physician on the other hand refers the insured person to another doctor or specialist. If the person is taken to a non-network physician or facility, the insured person may have to pay for all the medical bills.

2. Point of Service (POS) -It is the same with the HMO plan. The only difference is that the insured person has the option to refer himself to another physician. But this can mean paying some of the charges and out-of-pocket costs.

3. Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) -The insured person does not have to choose a primary care physician and can go outside the insurance network for medical care. However, out-of-pocket costs can be expensive. But one of the benefits of this is that it will still cover the costs even though the insured person is taken into a non-network physician or facility unlike the HMO and PPO.

4. Traditional -This is the most flexible and freeing because the insured person is free to choose their provider. However, it can be costly for the fact that the person under this plan may be required to pay deductibles and co-pays. There are other types of health plans available in the market. To make an informed choice, try doing a research of your own in the internet or talk to a health plan provider representative.

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