Mafia Wars Cheats by mastering ROI (Return on Investment)

by Richard MW Hijinx

One of the biggest aspects of Cheat in Mafia Wars is rapid wealth building. Money is a huge factor of the game when you first start playing, but this is easily overcome with sound financial tactics and planning. To “cheat” in mafia wars and build wealth rapidly you will HAVE to consider return on investment during your acquisition of properties. Some properties are cheaper to purchase, but don’t necessarily provide much bang for the buck. Throughout the game the best ROI is easily the Mafia Mikes providing about four times the ROI as the next best property when taken dollar for dollar.

To calculate your ROI in Mafia Wars you will need to gather some information. You will need to know the cost of the land needed to build a property. You will have to know the cost to build the property. Lastly, you will need to know how much cash that property puts in your pocket when it pays out. Let’s look at an example from my own personal game, and yes I’m going to use Mafia Mike’s.

Mafia Mikes require an abandoned lot and then construction. An abandoned lot right now costs me $4,750. Construction costs are $969,760. The total cost for one Mafia Mikes then is $974,510. The property pays out $12,000 per hour.

Since we now know how much everything costs and how much we earn we can calculation our Return on Investment.

To calculate ROI you divide your total costs by your hourly earnings. In this case I divide $974,510 by $12,000/hr to come up with a Return on Investment (ROI) of 81.209 hours. This means the property will pay for itself after 81.209 hours. To put this in perspective for you I have exactly 1,266 Mafia Mikes. My next best property has an ROI of 256.5 hours, and I only own 10 of them. So, make this calculation for each property type and TRY to get the ones that pay for themselves the quickest.

Now that you know how to calculate and utilize the return on investment you can begin making just a little bit more cash to fund your Mafia Wars activities.

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