Looking for Commercial Fluorescent Lighting Fixtures

by Tom Sanderrs

When selecting commercial fluorescent lighting fixtures you really need to get the best price for your business. Not only because you’ve worked hard to get where you are today, but also because it’s an ideal way to save money.

The best place to start is a large store with really good feedback from previous clients. Larger stores have a huge variety of choices to select from as well as some new trends and maybe some cheaper options. Conventional commercial fluorescent lighting fixtures are great for general stores but if you have a specialty store you may want to try something different.

There are a number of ways that different lighting can influence your customers to buy more.

* Bright lights can generate a happy atmosphere: a lot of marketing companies have put countless hours into researching the right types of lighting to encourage customers to buy. Generally a brighter light makes a customer feel more positive and happy to part with their cash. Darker stores tend to discourage buying.

* Bright store attracts customers: when potential customers are walking by and see a bright looking store they are attracted and will be curious to look inside. However if your store has dim light people will just pass you buy and you will get less walk in traffic.

* Shaded light: ok, so you have a novelty store or similar. The best option is shaded light to create a certain mood that suits your product.

* Tinted light: this also creates atmosphere. Different shades and colors of lighting can create a special look and feel to your store and encourage customers to buy.

It’s easiest to find the selection you need and the advice you want from a larger store or provider. A reputable store with a lot of experience in the industry will be able to offer a broad range of styles and some good advice to a company. They may even be able to advise on fitment and good suppliers for other products you may need. There will be various sections where you can actually see how the lighting might affect the look and feel of your store. A lighting display is a great place to start if you’re looking for some inspiration or ideas.

As mentioned previously, levels of lighting really can affect the way a customer feels. It can also affect the way your staff feel. Consider your options carefully and make the right decision the first time to avoid costly changes later.

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