Laptops: Which is Better?

by Jordan McPelt

When it comes to laptops you have many possible choices to buy. The biggest quest you may ask yourself is which company makes the best laptop. Most commonly Dell and HP are compared. So which one is better? We will take a look at both.

Well first lets start by saying that both companies offer laptops with specific features and styles to meet your needs. You can find mini, slim, ultra-portable, everyday use and high performance laptops within both companies. Dell offers four major families which include the Inspiron Mini, Inspiron, Studio and Alienware/ XPS. The Inspiron Mini laptops are great for those who are just looking to use the Internet or e-mail. Its great for kids as it is only about 8.9″ – 12.1″ and starts at 2.86 lbs. This is the smallest and least expensive option with Dell. The next family, Insprion, is the everyday use computer. It measures at 15.6″ and priced a bit higher than the Mini’s but still a low to moderately priced family of laptops. The studio line offers a balance of style and functionality. Those styles tend to be more moderately to higher priced. The last family is Alienware/ XPS which is highly known for its super fast performance and is built specifically for the ultimate gaming experience.

HP has four similar families which include their Mini, Everyday, Ultra-Portable and Performance and Entertainment laptops. The Dell Mini may seem higher priced at first glance, however, the computer itself starts with a faster processor speed, more memory and larger hard drive. The Dell Inspiron compared to HP’s laptops in the Everyday Computing family starts at a lower price and Dell’s high end of that group is less than HP’s.

Dell’s Studio family starts with more memory and larger hard drives and is great for the music lover as it comes with 4 watt 2.0 SRS audio and discrete tweeters. Whereas Hp does not. The last group, which for both companies is known for their high performance. Dell’s Alienware is widely known as being the overall best gamers laptop for its awesome graphics, high speed and is available in stylish and unique colors. HP’s performance models memory and video card doesn’t even come close.

You can look for yourselves, but overall it seems that Dell has the upper hand in laptops.

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