Jobs Are Hard To Come By For Everyone Of All Levels

The unemployment rate is exceeding 10%, and economic indicators are showing no indication of near term improvement. Landing a new job is proving to be as difficult for an unemployed executive as it is for a high school student looking to get his proverbial foot in the door. Most of today’s generation is not old enough to have witnessed this type economic downturn.

While teenagers are willing to work for minimum wage, many established workers are now being forced to work for that or face no income at all. People who are highly skilled are taking jobs they would have laughed at several years ago. This is what happens when the job market becomes truly dire.

Working two jobs has always been an option in years past for people who have trouble making ends meet with just one. This year though, working two jobs is something few can do because so many are having trouble finding the first job. This is a time period where many are just trying to survive rather than figure out what next big purchase to make.

Another Christmas is almost here and there should be some added jobs for the holiday season. This is good news for teenagers and workers who are looking for part time work in places where you don’t need much experience. This will be the third holiday season where times have been tough and many retailers are hoping this year turns out to be better than the last couple. If it isn’t, we will no doubt see another group of companies file for bankruptcy.

If you are currently hunting for a job, be prepared to face your share of rejection. Now may be the time to return to school, if you can, or pursue some sort of training or study to boost your skills. The people who are steadfastly persistent are the ones who will get jobs. In these times it’s easy to get discouraged and lose all hope, but try to remember that the situation will get better – someday.

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