Is The Amazon Kindle Ready to Battle the Sony PRS-600?

Many people acknowledge the amazon Kindle as the king of e-readers. However, as the Sony PRS-600 and 300 are about to be released, the challenge has began. Although the details are not that elaborate yet, there are things that have already been confirmed. First, the existence of the devices has been established by Sony. Then some details about what they offer were also given. This is what should make Amazon a little bit concerned about the situation.

As a consumer, the price would be your utmost concern. Kindle 2, which is known for being an older model ever since Kindle DX was introduced in the market, is available for about $300, while the newly released Sony PRS-600 is nearly at the same price. Looking at a marketing perspective, what Sony is trying to do here is to target consumers who are not willing to spend $500 to purchase a Kindle DX but are looking for newer options. Sony claims that they would also be identifying themselves with the $9.99 price for both new releases and best sellers, confirming the company’s intention to compete with Amazon. With their pricing scheme, Sony certainly has a lot to offer.

Some portions of the PRS 600 manual have been prematurely leaked, providing a clearer idea of what it can offer. One obvious feature that sets it apart from most is the touchscreen. While this is not the first touchscreen e-reader, others are priced more expensively like that of the $1,000 FLEPia. The advantage of the touchscreen reader is that the space supposedly for buttons and keyboard can now be used to have a larger screen. Or it can make the gadget smaller and lighter. The PRS 600 has a 6″ screen but is only 0.4″ thick and weighs only 10 ounces.

But if you are into cool features, you’re probably most excited about the possibility of a flexible screen. While it hasn’t been confirmed by Sony, the manual for the device does state that many of the parts are flexible. This has opened up some speculation that the device may have a bendable and unbreakable screen, a new technology of which Sony may be trying to get in on the ground floor.

The introduction of Sony PRS-600 as well as Sony PRS-300 can be very intriguing and interesting. The PRS-600 includes a built-in dictionary, a stylus freehand writing feature and a library suite software which can be supported by an ordinary PC and Mac. With 380MB storage capacity, it can also expand its battery life for about 7,500 pages. With such an impressive array of features and With the indications that these models will soon be available for a reasonable price, consumers might just put off purchasing a Kindle 2 until the release of Sony PRS-600.

How does the Sony PRS-600 compare to the Amazon Kindle 2? Visit us to check out the detailed Amazon Kindle 2 review and see what you think. You’ll be able to see the device in action to determine how it stacks up against other ebook readers like those made by Sony.

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