Is DirectMail a Feasible Recession Proof Home-based Business Plan?

Conceivably you’ve been looking for a home business that will offer you a fighting chance to generate a recession proof income. A business that doesn’t require a lot of expertise and specialized experience, something you can create right away without a major financial investment. Does such a business opportunity exist?

Yes, there is a business model that fits these criteria perfectly and it’s been here for more than a hundred years, it’s called DirectMail. In order to make cash with it you must have verified ad copy, a high-quality list and a quality product. Several Direct Mail millionaires didn’t have to build all this themselves and you won’t either!

Several of these programs are accomplished turn-key Direct Mail businesses, were put together by professionals to incorporate persuasive ad copy, printing and list services. Many people have built fortunes with this business model and continue to do so to this date.

Internet Marketing Campaigns can also be launched to promote Direct Mail Advertising Products. Though, you don’t need a PC to be successful, Internet applications can help you automate marketing campaigns and referral management tasks.

Printed postcards personalized with a web site address and phone number can be another approach to make use of the Internet to enhance your chances for additional earnings. This method can boost prospect response time since they can go straight to your web site to order.

With a system designed to do everything for you, it’s not likely you will fail. All you really need to do is pay for printing of the ad pieces, buy stamps, rent a list and pay for mailing the Direct Mail Marketing pieces. All this can be done by simply calling a mailing house to do this work for you. Pick up the telephone; tell them how many pieces you want mailed, pay them for it and the mailing goes out in a matter of days.

Depending on the number of pieces you send out and the value of the offer you can expect orders from around 0.5% to 7%. If you break even at 0.5% you’re going to make money on follow-up (backend) orders from people who brought your initial offer. This process ought to be repeated by increasingly larger mailings, and should result in bigger profit.

In summery, you’ve learned what to look for in a turn-key DirectMail business. You recognize that a PC is not essential to be successful, but it can help to automate important marketing campaign tasks and speed-up order processing. You also learned how to get almost all Direct Mail Marketing work done for you.

In addition, you now know how to experience ever-expanding income in your mail box each day, by continuing to reinvest a portion of your earnings. And by applying the simple advice in this article you’ll be able to spot the right direct mail opportunity and make it work for you.

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