Investing in USA Real Estate: Purchasing the Land of the Brave (Credit) and Free (Home)

by Dario Dingwall

The US real estate market is among the most intricate industries to invest in. Many investors shy off from investments in the market due to the current economic crisis and the sluggishness being experienced. However, there are some properties that are waiting to be bought at a fraction of what they really worth. Savvy investors wanting to enter into the US real estate market can take advantage of the foreclosures.

Many investors have the notion that to have access to financing has been made difficult with the prevailing economic crisis that is facing the world today. But with industriousness, the correct break through and right locality, investments in real estate in the USA is more practicable. The questions that you need to ask yourself are; what the perfect opportunity and location are and the reason why other properties are good investments in comparison to some?

Right location: real estate investing in the USA does not mean simply buying any and every property that becomes available. First you must know what the actual market value of the area is and what it will likely be for a while. For instance, if you are purchasing a home to use as a rental, you must know what the average rental property is going for in that area. If the amount is far below the mortgage price on the home, you will be losing money every month. On the other hand, there are many foreclosures on the market that will be sold far below what they could be potentially worth.

Foreclosed homes: when investing in foreclosures consider the current value of the foreclosed home and its actual value and then get the difference. Sound investment decisions in the US real estate market require that you understand the factors that influence the industry as well as the mindset of the previous homeowners.

When a home is foreclosed, the homeowner may literally destroy the property and not always in obvious ways. There have been reports of cement dumped in drains, wiring removed from behind walls and other things that could drive up repair costs far beyond the homes value. If you buy a foreclosure for $30,000 but spend nearly that amount in replacing wiring, pipes and other repairs you will never recoup your investment if the average home in the market is valued at $45,000.

Short sale of property is the other feasible approach to making investments in the real estate market in United States. Many homeowners prefer to engage in short sale to avert foreclosure. The homeowners enter into agreements with their respective banks that allow the banks to sell the homes on their behalf at a price less than the initial loan. This is practical when the amount of loan is greater than the value of the home. Short sales allows investors to purchase more properties that what they previously anticipated.

It is important to evaluate the market price of the homes in the neighborhood before selling or proposing an offer. It is also important to review reports of property appraisers. Qualified appraisal companies can identify the costly and problematic situations that must be tackled before investing in a house. Bear in mind that it will be a bargain when you do not incur additional costs to repair the home.

The investment in property with the intention of not using it is impractical in the US real estate market. Rentals that are not in good conditions have no way of being rented. This is true since homes that are not habitable for a family will remain idle thus incurring additional maintenance and other costs.

Real estate investments in the US are worthwhile ventures but not to everyone. The income that rentals bring in might be less than the costs incurred in maintaining them in the initial months. You will be losing money on a monthly basis if you mortgage a house for $500 while other rentals in the same area are $550 especially if you are prone to breaking stuff. The costs of repairs and replacements will be incurred by you, thus increasing the expenses on a monthly basis.

Investments in the real estate in US are very profitable but this depends if the deal is done in a correct way. With proper evaluation of investments before committing to any of them, buying homes in short sale or those under foreclosure can be profitable. Ensure that the asking price is equivalent to the value of the house in its current condition and that there will be no expenses incurred on any repairs.

Ensure that after renovations are done, the worth of the house is still comparable to other homes in the neighborhood. It makes no sense to spruce up a home in an abandoned estate full of dilapidated homes. Investing in real estate in US ought to be done with caution and after careful analysis and research.

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