Interview Questions for a Potential Live-In Housekeeper

by Alice Sy

A live-in housekeeper is important for a lot of households especially among families who have a busy lifestyle, demanding work schedule and time-consuming jobs and careers. Having somebody to do the work at home such as the cleaning, food preparation and laundry becomes a necessity in such situations. Still, it is important to take the time to interview an applicant for the safety of your home.

Take note of some of the basic questions you have to ask when you are conducting an interview of a potential live-in housekeeper.

The first set of questions should include personal information such as the complete name, race and ethnicity, religion, age, civil status and so on. You have to determine if the applicant has specific rituals or practices that you are uncomfortable with. Take the time to know as much as you can to avoid conflicts in your own home. If necessary, try to explain your house rules.

The second batch of questions should include her ability to handle the job that awaits her in your home. Determine if the applicant meets your preferences and standards. Explain everything that is under her care especially her major duties and ask if she can handle everything. Also ask if she has certain health conditions that can cause limitations in her job as a live-in housekeeper.

Third set of question should include previous jobs and employment background. Ask the applicant about her previous jobs, former employers, reasons for leaving and the responsibilities that she handled before. Determine her strengths and weaknesses based on her previous job experiences. Also, it is important that you ask how she handled her previous jobs and responsibilities. Try to take note of her gestures as she explains and make eye contact. This can help you measure the level of honesty and sincerity as well.

Fourth and probably the most important is to ask about any previous criminal records. Ask if she has ever been subjected to any disciplinary measure or if she had ever been convicted by the law. Determine if any police record is on file against her. These questions should not be taken for granted even if ample information had already been provided by the agency.

All the above information can be obtained from the agency. However, it is best that you double check the data and to check the consistency of the information handed to you.

Conducting an interview is one of the best ways to find an ideal live-in housekeeper who best meets your standards and the demands of your home.

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