Internet Security

Internet security is a big concern. How do you know that the wrong people aren’t looking at your personal information when you’re shopping, working with your bank, or looking at other personal information? And after you’re done on the internet, how do you know someone can’t come behind you and look at your information then’ Answering the former is actually easier than the latter. However, you can use Mil Shield to wipe all of your online and offline activities from your computer once you’re done for the day.

This type of software will protect your Internet privacy from the hackers. Since the operating system and application software have lots of security loopholes, the hackers can access your computer through these loopholes. When you browse through the net the Internet Explorer will leave some traces like Internet history, cookies, Internet cache and pass words. If the hacker manages to get access to these traces not only he will be able to get all your records of web surfing but also to the activities not related to Internet.

Internet Explorer has some features that will help you erase some of these online activity clues, and but you can’t delete all of them this way. It’s also really annoying to have to erase your activity every time you’re done surfing on your computer. You can’t have Internet Explorer do it for you automatically. You have to go in and do it yourself every time. And some of the bread crumbs are convenient for the next time you go online. Your internet cache actually increases the speed of your browsing. Cookies can keep you from having to remember and enter your user information every time you log in to a site, and your history keeps a list of the websites you’ve visited so you can click instead of typing them in again or having to find them.

Whenever you fill up an online form for Internet shopping, it will pass through so many switching devices and computers. To protect your personal information from hacking, Secure Socket Layer (SSL) is used which uses a special way of communication. SSL encodes the information on your computer and decodes the information on the web server, which you want to surf. There is some way to know that SSL is used when you surf through the net for shopping.

Look at the internet address on your browser before you enter information. What does it look like? If the address starts like https: instead of http: it is using SSL. Of other pages in a website that using SSL may not be protected because it is unnecessary. Only the place your information is entered needs protected.

So you know you’re secure from outsiders when they use SSL, but how can you be sure the business itself operates with integrity?

Online stores should send out a digital certificate when you submit your personal information. Your browser has to receive this certificate and accept it before it sends and encrypts your information.

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