Importance of Keyword Location on Your Web site

Anybody with a bit of experience in the world of SEO will tell you that the location of keywords on webpage is just as important as using them in the correct frequency. By placing your keywords in specific locations you help to further associate your pages with those particular terms and topics. Simply by changing around the positioning of the content you already have on your site you can make huge differences in the success of your SEO work.

Learning Where to Place Keywords on Webpage

As already discussed, the location of a particular keyword on a webpage can make a big difference for how much it helps the ranking of a site. When you’re looking for the most effective SEO option, there are two places where keywords can immediately make a large difference. The first is right at the beginning of your content and the second is right at the end of your page. Both of these can lead to big SEO gains.

By showing that your content starts and finishes with the keyword in question, you are basically saying that the entire page is about that topic and therefore it’s highly important and related. Therefore, if you haven’t been using your keywords in the first and last paragraphs on your page then you have been missing out on some easy to perform SEO strategies.

Don’t forget however that your content is typically not the absolute end of your website. Usually underneath there is footer information or more page information. For example there might be commenting and social bookmarking tools. Or there may be footer links, a disclaimer note or many other potential items or notes as well.

If your website features a layout where this happens then you need to make a few other SEO tweaks to ensure that your page ends with the keyword you want. An easy way to do this is to insert a short sentence or phrase into your footer featuring your site purpose, mission or name. It’s a quick and easy way to get one of your most important keywords right at the bottom of every single page.

Besides placing the keywords at the beginning and end of a page, you should also pay attention to a few other factors as well. For example, keywords should be used regularly and consistently throughout a piece of content. This is opposed to having one paragraph jam packed with multiple uses and no other uses found anywhere else. By spacing out your keyword inclusion you are showing a natural flow to your article and ensuring your entire page gets seen as relevant.

When it comes to SEO, the more knowledge you have the more improvements that you can make. The location of keywords on webpage is just another important step to keep in mind when you’re creating and managing a website. Remember that the two most important places are the beginning and ending of a page and you’ll be able to improve your results in no time at all.

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