IBM Super Speed Internet Prototype for Cloud Computing Based Big Data Services Achieves 400G bps

IBM Super Speed Internet Prototype for Cloud Computing Based Big Data Services Achieves 400G bps

The fastest ever prototype to revolutionize the cloud computing based big data services is about to become reality in the near future in the form of IBM product. This is four times faster than existing technologies.

The Big Data is the a big thing of the near future along with the exponential boom of cloud computing based services. The main bottleneck of implementing Big Data into the cloud computing domain of services is the internet speed to upload and manage the bulk volumes of data. IMB has tested a prototype that will help the corporate world in solving the big issue of natural relationship of cloud computing and Big Data that is the internet speed.

IBM has tested a prototype that achieved the speed of as much as 400Gbps. This kind of speed was never achieved through any existing technologies available in the industry. This speed is as much as four times the existing speeds available to transfer the data into the cloud. This huge internet speed is being viewed as the groundbreaking news for opening up a  new era of cloud computing services for Online Reputation Management Big Data.

The announcement further elaborated about the prototype that it is an analogue to digital converter ADC device that can handle a huge speed. This device was demonstrated in San Francisco city in the international solid state circuit conference ISSCC held during the last week. According to the statement of the company, “At this gigantic speed, 160 gigabytes, the equivalent of a two-hour, 4K ultra-high-definition movie or 40,000 songs, could be downloaded in only a few seconds”.

This prototype is developed with the help of its technologies partner Semtech that has already developed a technology, which can handle the fasted speeds of data transfer – but with this new technology, both IBM and its partner can be in position to give a new direction to Big Data business.

In his statement, the manager at Systems Department, IBM, Dr. Martin Schmatz said, “Our ADC supports IEEE standards for data communication and brings together speed and energy efficiency at 32 nanometers, enabling us to start tackling the largest big data applications – With Semtech as our partner, we are bringing our previous generation of the ADC to market less than 12 months since it was first developed and tested.”

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