How to Ship a Trade Show Exhibit Display

by Amy Nutt

Trade shows are common place and are events organised periodically where practitioners or professionals in a particular industry show off their products and services both old and new in the bid to attract new prospects or clients. Organising these trade shows is sort of expensive and each interested exhibitor often has to pay a sum of money to secure a space at the exhibition grounds.

One of the most important tools needed for a successful exhibition is the trade show booth or display. This is more like a stand where all the exhibitor’s products are showcased so as to attract prospects and generate leads. The reason most companies participate in these trade show exhibits is to generate more leads as all attendees are either people in the business or those looking for a solution to their business or personal challenges.

All exhibition stands and booths have to be transported to the location of the exhibition early so that everything is ready before or at the commencement of the exhibition. Since exhibitions are not necessarily located within one’s vicinity, the best option is to send the booth far ahead or travel with it if the company is big and has its own truck or bus. Depending on what products are to be displayed, product displays for the exhibition can be transported in cars or other forms of transport. If the displays are produced or designed by an exhibition display designer or company, they could help ship. In fact, most exhibition designer companies will ship the products to your location of choice.

Whichever way you look at it, you could easily ship the products to any venue of your choice. Taking up the shipping of your products is not advisable particularly when you are just starting out and cannot afford to risk any damages to the products. Effectively shipping any product will involve the choice of transportation and the time frame. For example, an exhibition taking place 1000 miles from your domicile will be better shipped using air transportation or FedEx. The same applies to the time frame. If an exhibition is going to begin in two days, and the product isn’t going to be ready for shipping until tomorrow, you can either hire a courier or take it there by yourself. If you will hire the courier service, please note that this would cost you extra as it is then termed ‘express delivery’

When shipping, care should be taken to avoid any breakages or damages to the products for display. If you are in doubt about how to do this, you can get in touch with any courier services around or moving companies if the display is large in size and weight or sensitive as in aquariums. Courier services are already used to delivering sensitive packages and can be trusted to take care of it with utmost care.

And if you feel that taking it yourself would be best, pack the products in a manner that will prevent it from getting damaged.

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