How to Make the Right Domain Purchase for Your Online Business

by Cindy McKie

When it comes time to make a domain purchase for your business the name you choose can make or break the early success of your online venture. Choose wisely and it can give an early boon to your Internet business. Choose the wrong one and it could confuse your visitors, loose you sales or even have you ignored by the search engines.

What’s In a Name?

The ideal domain name should give instant insight into the products or services your business offers. A business that sells educational toys would be better off buying a domain name such as ‘’ or ‘’ instead of a less specific ‘’. When your domain name specifies your products it makes it easier for you to grab the attention of your target market.

Long and Lean or Short and Sweet?

In the world of domain names there are two general categories which most domain names fall into. Some choose the route of a longer, more descriptive domain name, as shown above, while other business owners try and cash in on a short and catchy domain name. There are merits to both types of domain purchase if you use them correctly.

A long tail keyword, simply put, is a string of words used together to form a specific search phrase. The term “small business loans” is a good example of a long tail phrase. By using a long tail keyword that describes your business when making a domain purchase you greatly increase the chances of your website ranking well in the search engines for that exact phrase.

The ability to rank faster and higher for a search term that specifically describes what your business offers can mean the difference between soaring sales or an online failure for your business. So, as a business owner trying to establish his presence on the internet, buying domain names that describes your business and helps you rank well in Google is a boon to be grabbed.

On the other hand many successful businesses have made a name for themselves, literally, by choosing odd yet memorable one word domain names. Companies such as eBay or Twitter have branded themselves and made their unusual names synonymous with their services.

While choosing a more descriptive domain name is the safer bet, if you’ve got a good marketing plan and the time to implement it a one word domain name can pay off. Create a unique logo to represent your unique domain and spread it far and wide across the Internet.

What to Avoid During Your Domain Purchase

Finding a really good and available domain name is becoming more and more difficult each time another one is created and registered. In desperation for a suitable domain name some business owners make poor choices in their domain purchase that can adversely affect their business. The use of hyphens between words is one of the quickest ways to make your domain name look unprofessional, not to mention how much harder they are to remember or say aloud to potential customers.

While buying a domain name with a .com extension is highly recommended for businesses the benefits of a professional looking .com domain name is usually undermined when hyphens are thrown in. Instead you would be better off making a domain purchase with the acceptable .net or even .org extension instead.

It Gets Better with Age

While we as a society tend to covet items that are new and shiny when it comes to making a domain purchase you’re actually better off buying used. By used I mean domain names that have expired but where already used for an existing website or business for at least a year. Google likes aged websites as they have earned their keep by sticking around. Also these older domains can often come with extras attached to them such as backlinks from other websites to the pre-existing website.

By spending a little more money for a seasoned domain purchase your business can reap the rewards of these built-in benefits with no extra work on your part. Sure, you will still have to market your business as the new tenant on that particular domain but you can avoid some of the growing pains of a new domain by purchasing an expired domain instead.

In the end the type of domain name you buy, be it a longer one or short and sweet, is a personal choice. Both have benefits to them and you’ll need to decide which would best suit your budding online business. Yet whichever you choose be aware that your domain purchase is an important part of your all over business strategy and should be treated as such.

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