How to Find Clients To Call On

by Terry Stanfield

If you are a services provider and work through a staffing company, you are leaving money on the table that you could be putting in your pocket instead. This happens because people are not able to find clients to call on. This is not a phenomenon simply for one type of business people. Most people do not know who to call on. This article will explain why telephone selling skills are important and how this can help you in finding clients.

When you are thinking about your telephone selling skills, it is critical that you know who you want to call on. This can take many different forms. You can decide to purchase lists from companies focused upon your particular industry if you wanted to. You could focus on meeting new people through networking or on the telephone. To better understand this at first, take a quick step back to think about your prospects with whom you will talk with on the phone. What is the best time to get them on the phone and how do you make sure that they are interested in what you have to say? Your prospects are people and are interested in many of the same things that you are interested in. Once you have an idea of who your specific client is, see if you can continue to break this down even further.

Breaking down your client can start with this simple step. Describe who your specific target client is. This may seem easy but many business owners would not be able to tell you who their specific target is. Without having a specific target, you can not use your telephone selling skills on them as effectively as when understanding a group inside and out. You will say different things to different groups of people and find that you are not having very good results. If you can figure out your specific clients, you can work on delving more deeply into the client. This would include what the needs and challenges your targeted clients face. This will make you educated on the market and how what you bring to the table is relevant to the client.

You have identified your client and understand the needs and problems he or she has but now you have to find them. This can be as simple as going to conferences about the industry or calling on industry directory lists. You want to find a way to meet people and build lists of interested clients. This will allow you to put your telephone selling skills to work. This can be further broken down if you need business or personal clients. You could look in phone directories or clubs depending upon personal or business.

Talking on the phone to prospects is so important. Business is built upon communication and how are you better able to communicate in a fast and efficient way than over the telephone? If you do not take the time to develop good telephone selling skills, you are turning a great deal of money away from the table that could be yours. Selling over the phone simply comes down to speaking directly to your clients and providing solutions to what they need. This is so important.

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