How To Copy Wii Games Using Your Computer And Burner

by Scott Frayburn

With the Nintendo Wii becoming so popular so quickly, we seem to be getting quite a few emails from people wondering if there is a way to copy Wii games on their computer. I thought it would be a good idea to go over how you can make exact backup copies of Wii games using the burner on your computer.

Almost everyone with a computer has used their burner their burner before. “Ripping” music CDs is extremely common – there’s a good chance you have done this before. However, you can’t use the same software that you use to burn a music cd to make a copy of a video game.

Why is that?

Because video game discs use a form of “copyright protection” that prevents your computer from being able to make a copy. The discs don’t “make sense” to your computer so it isn’t able to recognize what needs to be copied.

With this problem in mind, certain software companies set out to solve this issue by developing a program that is able to bypass these protections and allow your computer to read Wii games. By using this specialized software, all of a sudden video game discs “make sense” to your PC.

I should point out that this software isn’t only for copying Wii games. You can also use it to make copies of xbox 360, PS3 and all other video games that are on a disc.

If you want to try a risk-free trial for this type of program you can use the link at the bottom of this article.

Once it’s installed on your computer it’s extremely easy to use. You insert the original Wii game you want copied and let your computer produce an “image” of the disc on it’s hard drive. You then put in a blank disc and the computer will transfer the image onto it – this gives you a perfect copy.

Making copies of Wii games is a great way to protect any game you already have – if you ever lose or damage it at least you have a backup. By using the right software you can copy Wii games whenever you like just by using the CD burner on your computer. Good luck!

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