How To Build A Functional Website

So you want to build a website? That’s great! Now the real question is what you will need to begin the process. Unfortunately, even though each website begins with a momentous idea, a groundbreaking idea alone is not sufficient to create an equally persuasive website. There are three elementary steps that must be undertaken in order for your concept of a great website to become a reality. The first step is to select the right web hosting company that offers services you need in a budget you can afford. You can compare web hosting companies online; however nothing can substitute listing out the pro’s and con’s of each host, from their products and services to their customer feedback reviews to how much is this going to cost you.

In today’s competitive web hosting market it is very likely that you will discover many hosting companies offering comparable services within the budget that you are looking for; however, it is more important to focus on their customer service reputation and level of post-sale service they offer. Tools and technology are a vital component of any web hosting application; before you decide to invest sacred capital into a web hosting service, product or application double and triple check they have the correct tools and platforms that you will utilize in order to create the next great website.

So now you have successfully navigated the unchartered waters of selecting a Web Host, now comes the fun part: actually sitting down and designing your website. This either makes you very euphoric or for some of you, ranks right up there with spending the entire day picking out new floral patterns for your new sofa. Regardless of your affiliation a properly and effectively designed web site is essential if you are going to attract customers to it. If the thought of sifting through thousands of web templates does not light your fire, then maybe it is a good idea to investigate a web design firm. Just like with the web hosting companies it is imperative that you select a design firm that fits your needs and works within your parameters. In today’s turbulent business environment many design firms will provide you with a full sampling of their portfolio and even provide you with one or two sample pages for your company. Additionally, many of these firms can provide their services within any sort of price range.

The third and final step and some would argue most important is the inclusion of some form of Search Engine Optimization program on your site. “SEO” Management essentially makes your website visible to consumers who are doing internet searchers related to the products or services you offer. Having key “search words” on your website ensures that consumers will be “drive” to your site by their search engine results and this could potentially lead to higher volume and greater sales. When you sit down and begin designing your website or have your consultant design it for you, it is advisable to have some SEO Management framework in place. This will allow your designer to work with this in mind and create the most optimal website for your business. It is common in today’s age that SEO firms offer both web hosting and web design services; however when you get into the idea of “bundling” we are starting to talk some serious capital.

The goal of these three steps is to make your website more attractive and at the same time very “popular” on search engines such as Google. Just as in Real Estate is all about “Location, Location, Location”; you cannot reach your target audience is nobody knows your website exists; following these three steps can certainly assist you in getting noticed.

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