How Important is it for the City to Recycle Items?

by A Nutt

Almost everyone understands the importance of recycling our byproducts, but in this age of consumption it is more important then ever that cities and municipalities encourage this and provide more easily accessible resources for recycling in order to keep local communities from drowning in a sea of trash.

Most households use and discard an incredible amount of products that could be easily recycled every week. Nearly every byproduct we use has the potential to be recycled to some extent or another. The list is long and includes plastic beverage containers, newspaper, cardboard containers, aluminum soda cans, egg cartons, old phone books, etc., etc. While each household is responsible for recycling its own consumer products, the city should also be responsible for providing a safe and easy way for those individual households to drop off their recyclable items.

Many towns and cities have local drop off locations where the residents can dispose of their recyclable trash for free. Not every city makes these resources available, however, and few advertise their existence and location to the public. Sometimes the information is made accessible in the community pages of the local phone book. Some cities even rely on the local trash disposal company to provide special recycle bins to their customers, but they tend to charge an extra fee for each extra bin.

The city government must take the initiative to promote county recycling within their community and to make the receptacles more readily accessible. Recycling is a necessary and beneficial resource for any community. By making recycling drop off points easily accessible and well known to their own residents, the city stands to enhance the productivity and standing of their community while even making a little extra money for the city coffers. Many recyclable items, such as aluminum cans and glass bottles, generate a small return from the recycling company and when submitted in bulk the result can be a tidy sum that could be used to benefit the community in many ways. Planting trees, providing funds for the local little league team or purchasing textbooks for schoolchildren could all be free money well spent.

The initial cost of setting up a city recycling location can be minimal in comparison to the return on such an investment, and it doesnt have to be fancy, just functional. Once the drop off location is established, the city must make its presence well known to the residents in order to make full use of its potential. The city employees and administration itself should lead the way by recycling all of their suitable trash and placing recycle bins in all city buildings. In addition, the city could start a campaign to reduce and reuse, which has become popular in many rural areas.

With so many disposable items being used and discarded every day all across the world, it is mandatory that cities get more involved in the trash habits of its townsfolk. To the city that commits to leading the way for more community wide recycling, the benefits can outweigh the landfill.

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