Hostgator Is Green, What Is All That About.

by Simon Bentley

Hostgator only began in 2002. I say only because in this relatively short space of time they have manged to become one of the biggest hosting companies in the world with over 2 million domains currently being hosted. They are not stopping on their laurels however and continue to plan ambitious growth.

It’s certainly impressive stuff, but lets get down to the nuts and bolts and what really matters for perspective customers. They have several accounts on offer all can be described as budget from 5 -13 dollars a month.

Each of the available plans including the lowest costing package offer unlimited packages meaning that it is possible to host as many domains as you like with unlimited bandwidth and disk space. The packages are also enabled for CGI PHP 5, ROR, MYSQL, SSH, SSL, IMPA, POP and Cpanel access

Now, all this stuff is great, but for me there are 2 things that make Hostgator really stand out.

Initially, I look at the speed with which my sites load, or server speed. it’s not good having a well designed site with great content if it takes forever to load. With host gator this has never been a problem and I am always easily able to get in touch with the support teams, whether it’s online or through the phone.

There is no long term contract to sign. That means that when you open an account it can be canceled at any time. They are even prepared to give your money back up to 45 days after you have signed on if for some reason you do not want to continue with their service.

Second is that Hostgator are a green company. I am very environmentally minded and it was great to hear that they use the most efficient servers possible and that those servers are powered completely by renewable wind energy.

So with these two factors, I get a great hosting service at the right price and I can also feel secure that my business is not contributing to the pollution of the planet. So when I am asked professionally or by friends who I would recommend as a hosting company I am happy to reply Hostgator.

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