Home Based Business Opportunity- Being Free to Be Me

by Eric Mosley Parks

You know how sometimes you can tell how your day is going to turn out by how it starts. Well today my day started with a headache. As soon as I woke up this morning my head was pounding and I just attributed it to me just slepping awkward the entire night. This is how my day started and now I am seriously thinking about calling out sick today at work.

Of course this is going to mean that I will have to call into work today. Im sure my boss will understand but frankly at this point I couldnt care either way. My boss is a cool guy and the organization we work for isnt half bad either but I just think its time for me to take a me day.

It is times like these that I wish I owned my own home based business. I wish owned and ran a system of doing things that made me money; much like fast food restaurants own systems of serving food fast. That, I feel, is the way it should be done. I still should be able to make a few bucks even if I dont go in today.

Sometimes I feel like being a lazy guy and calling in for the week. Im sure my boss wouldnt have a problem with that. If only I had my own home based business then I could do thatwell sort of.

Well honestly I have a confession to make. I do own my own home based business and the boss I was referring to was myself. I wrote this as an illustration on how things could be drastically different if a person owned their own business. They wouldn’t have to sweat over things like calling in to work because they were their own boss.

Never again will I be afraid to call another adult to ask if its okay to do what the heck I want.

The best way to have total control of your life is to take control of it. I dont want to be a co-owner of a timeshare called my own time and you shouldnt either. Stop renting your life to the lowest bidder and go out here and grab what you want

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