Granite The New Fashion Statement

Wooden countertops have lost its magic nowadays only granite countertops shows the house owners taste in interiors. More than making a fashion statement, granite enhances the value of the property as a whole for it is durable, easily maintainable and colourful.

Similar to the myriads of colours and designs of curtain shades and furniture to pick from, granite imported from the world over offers abundant choice at all sorts of prices ranging from the inexpensive to the premium.

There are over a 1000 varieties mined from countries like India, Brazil, US, Italy, Australia, Finland, Labrador, Madagascar, Korea, Mexico, Poland, Portugal, Iran, France, Germany, Egypt, Thailand, Turkey, Venezuela and several other parts. Each piece of the igneous rock is unique in shade and pattern. The speckles of minerals contained in them give them mesmerising weave of colour. What the ancient Egyptians and Mayans used to build their pyramids can now deck up your home as a kitchen, bathroom countertop, jacuzzi surround, fireplace or even flooring.

If you have as exquisite taste in home decoration, granite is the natural choice. They are bound to catch the eye of the astute house buyer and seal the deal or simply awe a guest who enters your kitchen or bathroom. Granite countertops speak volumes of the owners classy, refined, taste in life. They convey that the owner is not one to compromise on quality. They adorn the house with a glitter that matches tinsel on chic party gown. They are bound to scream that the owner is a person of rare pedigree. Granite countertops mirror the owners aestheticism like no other fitment in the building. They tell stories of the beauty that was created over eons by Mother Nature just to bewilder the beholder and leave him spellbound.

For those who have desire for fine quality and elegance at affordable rates the Internet is goldmine of information. Shopping for granite countertops online is cheaper and less cumbersome. Choosing the right seller who offers online estimates is important.

The connoisseurs granite has between 20 to 60 percent quartz content and feldspar content in which only alkali feldspar rather than plagioclase feldspar dominates. Beware of peridotite or gabbro or streaky gneiss which even amateurs would not classify as true granite. This is however sold in the market as commercial granite for countertops! So go for it and deck your home with the sparkle of this precious rock!

To make your kitchen look aesthetic use marble countertops. Marble is made of limestone thus it is lustrous and makes excellent marble kitchen countertop. The mirror-finish adds to its beauty.

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