Get a huge online list with this tactic!

by Moehr-Associates

Build a list is a very necessary part of online marketing. Capturing the name and email of those visitors who have come to your site and signed up for a freebie is essential. These prospects are interested in you enough to sign up for a freebie, so it stands to reason they’ll be interested in paying money for things in the future.

Co-registration list building in a useful tactic being used by savvy online marketers. For good reason: It can help you build your list quickly with targeted leads. An example would be for a vendor of pet products. They could contact other similar businesses (pet health items, pet food, pet cleaning products, etc.) and these vendors would each join together to make offers.

Naturally you’d want to work with very similar product vendors to keep your list streamlined. Start with maybe 5 or 8 at the most. Keep it small and grow from there. This may be a new idea for some of these vendors so when you first contact them about being involved, let them know how they can benefit. Spell out what they need to do to participate.

The primary request is that they make a special offer to the visitors of the co-vendor site. A visitor may sign up for all offers, or just one. It doesn’t matter, because all participants would get a chance to peddle their wares to this member. First, you need a co-vendor webpage. A simple way is to have one person responsible for being webmaster and each member would contribute the script for their own autoresponder or just a way to collect the leads.

Of course you’ll need to create the webpage where the offers will be made. One person should be in charge of this. If you’re very web savvy, you could set up the script to handle all the requests, but an easier way it to set the script up on the site for each offer to go to the participating/corresponding co-partner. Each member would email you their script to be included on the site. This script will direct subscribers to their particular thank you page, etc. Each participating member is responsible for their own products and subscriptions.

Each week (or whatever agreed upon timeframe), each member would email their list of new leads that came in that week. The master list would be compiled and sent to each member. In other words, if each member received 25 new prospects that week and you had 5 participating members, your list would have a total of 250 new prospects.

In addition to each member getting targeted leads and prospects for their particular offers, you should send a co-participant email to the entire list monthly. Each prospect on the list would receive emails from the particular members whose offers they signed up for, and also one co-partner mass email that would include offers from all members, each member’s website, may an article from one or two members (take turns writing them, etc.) If you work with dedicated and professional members who contribute on schedule (essentially hold up their end of the workload), you should each be able to build a large, targeted list fairly quickly!

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