General or Professional Liability – Corporate Insurance

by Anne Torres

When you talk about insurance, you essentially talk about protection from risk or ensuring that one is provided adequate measures to address risks. Factors posing danger to an insured individual may come in the form of vehicular accidents, natural disasters, illness or any other condition that compromises the welfare of the policy holder. This can be taken care of either by a self-insured medical plan or a group policy.

In some cases, properties are insured and risks can likewise come in a variety of ways. Insuring business entities, however, can be a more serious type of coverage and is definitely more expensive as well. You are simply not responsible for your company and your staff but also for those that will have something to do with your business one way or another.

Yes, when you talk about insuring a business, you talk about risks that could be far greater than any other type there are in the world of insurance. This brings to mind the issue of liability which covers situations not just as a direct result of the conduct of business but also as a side effect of the act. This will touch on a lot of possibilities such when an error committed by manufacturing personnel causes superfluous effects on a consumer. These possibilities are, of course, very hard to foresee and this is why Liability Insurance, whether professional or general, is crucial if you want to ensure protection for your business.

There is, of course, a dissimilarity between general liability and professional liability insurance. It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for personal or corporate coverage. There will be a suitable plan for both individuals and groups. Once you know the determining differences between general and professional liability, you can proceed with other related decisions being essential to your business.

General liability will usually cover conditions that involve physical injury or damage to property and is nothing new to most companies. On the other hand, professional liability is more on insurance for probable acts of negligence committed by a company in the delivery of their products or services to consumers.

This is more of financial in nature and is naturally closely associated with the business’ accounting department. This type of coverage will be anchored on legal issues as regards professional standards dictated by law on the conduct of a business’ financial affairs. Naturally, for a business to be adequately secured, it is recommended to have both general and professional liability insurance.

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