Free PC Speed Tips and Techniques

by Ada Denis

A computer running slow is often experienced when the computer is either infected with a virus or has too much unnecessary files and programs stored in it. Some people do not have any idea on how to resolve this problem that is why they are constantly seeking free PC speed tips. The right place to look for it is in the Internet specifically in article directories.

Article directories like Ezinearticles contains different kinds of articles that will provide you free PC speed tips. To save you time from searching here are free PC speed tips that you can use to improve the performance of your computer.

1. Clean up your disk space. By now this tip is already familiar to other users. This is the simplest way to remove unnecessary files from the computer. The Disk Cleanup utility in Windows is just perfect for this job. It will scan the drive you specify then in return it will show you all the files that are safe to delete.

To give you a hint, usually the files that can be safely removed are the once on the Recycle Bin and Temporary folders. Also Internet files like cookies must also be deleted because it can contain malicious files. Using the Disk Cleanup tool is very easy there are simple guides on how to use it once you run the tool.

Also cleaning up disk space also requires you to remove programs that you are not using. Programs can take a lot of space so it will be a great help when one or more unnecessary programs are removed.

2. When you remove several programs at one time, there will be empty spaces that will be created in the hard disk. The information stored in the hard disk will not be continuous and when the computer accesses it, it will take longer that usual because of the empty spaces.

To resolve this use the Disk Defragmenter in Windows System tools. This will make accessing information much faster than usual. This free PC speed tip must be done at least once a month as a part of computer maintenance. If the hard disk space is only 15% then you should already defrag hard disk.

3. Scan the registry. This free PC speed tip is the most important one. The registry is considered to be the heart of the computer where in programs are not able to run if its registry files are missing or damaged.

Registry cleaners can be downloaded anywhere in the Internet. Most of it is free so you will not have a hard time looking for one. Cleaning the registry is the most proven free PC speed tip that effectively improves computer performance.

Additional free PC speed tip is to upgrade the computer’s operating system. Once in a while there are free updates or so-called patches available from the manufacturer of the operating system. The updates can repair errors in the computer and in worst cases reformatting the computer will be the best option.

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