Reprinted Control Of The Raising Price Of Coal And Electricity

by Christina Xia

The State Development and Reform Commission announced to strength the police of price fixing, so as to control the raising price of coal and electricity

Mineral information in demonstrated that the temporary interference measures have great effects on the coal price in Qinhuang Island. The liquidating price for steam coal is about 1,020yuan/ton before the price fixing, and at the end of July, the price has fallen about 40-50 yuan per ton, This is the first fall of this year since the sharp rise in April. The price is still falling from the beginning of August; the lowest sales price even reached about 860yuan/ton. Viewing the supply of coal and electricity, the price fixing policy didn?t have obvious effect on the coal trading. The coal trading is almost normal from August 3rd to 13th.

As the State Development and Reform Commission regulates, the eight main provinces of coal producing transmitted the document on time, such as Shangxi, Hebei, Shangdong and so on. The document demands the coal enterprises to report the price and heat value information of June, 19th. Hebei, Ningxia and Shaanxi provinces had published the standard of price fixing, while the Shangdong, Shangxi and Anhui provinces had just finished the data checking and would published it in the near future.

The Hebei Price-Fixing Bureau is said to assign people to propagandaing the price fixing policy and monitor the implement situation. It also supervised the coal producers and enterprises to strictly carry out the policy and stable the coal price. The coal price in Qinhuang Island has fallen back about 40 yuan until now. The Shangxi Price-Fixing Bureau had transmitted the policy to city government and to carry out the temporary interference measures.

The State Development and Reform Commission announced that because of effective operation of the coordination mechanism, the China has realized the balance of supply and demand of coal and electricity in the first half year, which makes great advantages for the stable and rapid economic development, especially in the winter when the generating capacity had fallen a lot and the conflict between supply and demand is more serious.

The State Development and Reform Commission think the coal supply can ensure the stable development of the state economy if we can carry out a series of macroscopic measures and straighten out the conflict between supply and demand.

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