Fix a Slow Running Computer Today Completely FREE

by katie George

Yes, you read it correctly. You can fix a slow running computer today without any cost to you. Before contacting a computer technician or buying software, you can try some “house-cleaning” first on the computer. The computer is like a house that needs maintenance. Over months of use, installing and deleting programs, downloading files, visiting thousands of web pages, your PC can accumulate clutter that result in its slow performance.

A slow running computer is like a space filled with trash and disorganized things. If you are looking for something, let’s say, your car keys, you cannot find it easily with all of that clutter. It may be the reason why your computer works very slowly. It may be working slowly because there are a lot of trashes all around. You need to fix a slow running computer today because having a slow computer also makes the user a slow worker.

There are many companies and sites today that promise your instant solution to your slow computer. Many of them offer instant service of do-it-all software and it is hard to choose which can really help you. Added to that is the cost of the service and the software.

You may be glad to know that you can do your own “house-cleaning” first before hiring a technician or buying software. You can fix a slow running computer today and do some house cleaning for your PC by simply taking out the trash.

House cleaning always involves this action. You can fix a slow running computer today by simply emptying your computer’s recycle bin. When you delete a file, the computer puts the file into the recycle bin. There are times when you accidentally delete a file and suddenly you realized that it is the wrong file you delete. The recycle bin stores this file so you can access it again and restore it to its original place.

The Recycle Bin is very helpful many times but in most cases, the deleted files that accumulate in it cause your computer to slow down. There may be hundreds of files in the recycle bin that you really want be deleted. Delete them now and you can instantly fix a slow running computer today.

Just find the trash bin icon on your desktop. Double click it to open it. When you open it you will see the list of all the trash that your PC is carrying all these weeks or months! Close the trash bin. It’s not giving out the smell but it sure is giving out some heavy load to your PC. To permanently rid your PC of that heavy trash, right-click the Recycle bin icon in your desktop. From the drop down menu, click Empty Recycle bin.

If you have a very long list of deleted files inside the Recycle Bin, it may take a while to permanently take each of the out of your PC. Imagine the space that it will free your PC with all of those unwanted files out.

This simple “house-cleaning” technique can save you a lot of money on the services of a technician or on the cost software. Taking out your computer’s trash can fix a slow running computer today.

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