Epson Robots and Motoman Robots Lead in Versatility

by Mark Whitney

We live in an age of automation. Considering the consistent quality that a production line requires, this is hardly surprising. Robotics enables any manufacturing or production process to be replicated down to the last detail, creating a quality product that just isn’t achievable through traditional human labor.

Brand names are essential when making the conversion to automation. There are certain robot manufacturers that stand out above the rest. Some have earned a greater reputation in the industry for quality and dependability than others.

Earning a good reputation in the industry based on reliability, high performance, and ease of use, Epson robots stand out above many other brands. These robots don’t need complicated programming and are versatile at performing a variety of functions. Epson is known for innovation in the industry. Their RC520 Controller was one of the first PC based controllers on the market and eliminated the need for complicated computer programming. Epson is known for keeping the design and use simple so the robots are easily controlled and manipulated on the assembly line.

Epson robots have a quality line of SCARA robots that are second to none in their reliability and performance consistency. Their E2 SCARA robots line features over 34 models. They include PC-based controllers as well as vision systems based on Matrox Imaging technology that is well known for its video card components.

Motoman robots are also well reputed in the robotics field for innovation in robotic automation, featuring models that adapt well to virtually every application and industry. Their product line includes over 175 distinct robot models as well as 40 fully integrated pre-engineered “World” solutions, complete with application work cells that include the robot, safety equipment and processing equipment.

Their consistent quality is what probably makes Motoman robots the second largest robotics company in the Americas. In fact, it is one of America’s fastest growing automation companies. They’ve always driven innovation, leading advanced robot technology into the future.

Recent downsized robotic arms have been developed for light industrial use, enabling the manufacture of small products in confined spaces. Coined “bench-top robots,” these models can be used in combination with sophisticated and intelligent automated guided vehicles that increase the flexibility of the automation chain between pick-up and drop-off. An automated guided vehicle makes it possible for robots to move materials around a warehouse or manufacturing facility.

Robotics has matured, becoming increasingly adaptable on the manufacturing line. Going with a robotics name that has earned its reputation insures production quality that’s already been proven. Revolutionize your product line with an investment in robotic technology.

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