Effective Means Of Removing Deep Acne Scars

by Chris Channing

Going through acne is normal. Going through acne and having scars is somewhat out of the ordinary, and can be extremely embarrassing in future years. Getting rid of acne scars is possible through various methods, so you won’t have to cope with a face you aren’t satisfied with.

Perhaps the most docile of treatments is to undertake heat and massage therapies. Both therapies combined will allow minor acne scars to slowly be subdued over a period of several weeks. The best part is that you can do this by yourself following proper procedure. The downside is that it doesn’t typically work for anything more than mild acne.

Paying a bit more for a more effective treatment is a phenomenal idea if you have moderate acne scars. Chemical peels can be purchased, which essentially dissolve a layer of skin from your face. In a couple of weeks you will notice the exfoliation has left behind a much clearer appearance. You might have to go back for several treatments if you still see blemishes on your face.

Dermabrasion is the next step; dermabrasion is much more intense than previous methods. A textured and sharp surface, usually a metal bit, is rotated at high speeds to grind away the top layer of the skin. This method takes off more skin per treatment, and is a bit more harsh on the skin than some would like. You will likely experience some pain and you will notice that your face may stay red for a period of time.

Laser resurfacing is about as extreme as acne scar removal gets. A laser is used for cases in which there is a large amount of damage. Lasers can both take away the top layer of skin and harden the layers below it, making for a smooth appearance. The downside is that laser treatment is very costly, takes two weeks to recover from, and sometimes requires anesthetics in order to be conducted.

So what’s the best form of getting rid of acne scars? We can all agree that preventing the scars in the first place is the best idea. Even if you have acne that seems like it won’t go away, there are options in prescription medications that you can investigate. Some are rather tough or frightening when considering the side effects, so don’t be scared to try and wait out the acne and see if it improves by itself.

Closing Comments

Acne treatment is available if you are currently going through a tough time- you always have options. The good news is that you aren’t alone, and that there are thousands of people around the world going through the very same thing.

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