Educating Yourself On PHP Hosts

When looking for PHP hosting, it is important to find a host that offers the ability to create a php.ini file, which allows a webmaster to make custom changes to the site and its data. Also look for a host that does not put predetermined limits on posting size, memory size or upload size. After all, limits get rather tiresome after awhile.

Another useful feature should be support for Ruby, Python (1.52 and 2.x), FrontPage, as well as the rest of the new, fancy technologies of today. While one may start off a project with the more basic HTML, one day one may wish to advance to technology such as Ruby on rails.

Money is also an important factor. Find a host that does not crack a hole in the bank account and also comes with that comforting money back guarantee sticker of approval. There is no sense in paying an arm and a leg, especially for a host that does not give any money back, for a host that performs poorly. Likewise, make sure the host not only has excellent customer support for those dreaded times of need, but also has well rounded experience in hosting PHP in the past. Signs of this include unrestricted access to applications such as phpMyAdmin.

This particular feature of a host is a given no matter what a person requires hosting on their domain – the ability to password protect one’s directories and the inclusion of Server Side Includes, or SSI. Also, as with any kind of hosting, find a host that offers no less than 99.9% uptime. Not only should they offer 99.99% uptime on their servers, they should guarantee it. After all, there is no sense in having a website if the servers are going to be down for long periods of time.

One of the best things that you can do, in order to exercise comprehensive control along with saving time and effort, is look for a host that offers PHP options within the apache .htaccess file. This is also beneficial if it is available outside of the file by way of programming logic.

Lastly, consider a host that offers installations, whether by default or by request, of the lesser standard PEAR modules. Some of these may wind up being required in the end. Make sure that the host is willing to have these installed upon request in the event that this does not come standard on its own, and make sure to have this agreed upon prior to sending them a penny.

When searching for a php host you will want to educate yourself on what it is you should look for in a web host. For instance, you never want to deal with a host that will not offer a money back guarantee. To learn more about php hosting visit

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