Earn Passive Residual Income Using Affiliate Programs

by Barney Z. Quittello

If you’re looking for a way to generate money with as little work as possible, then you’re looking for affiliate programs with passive residual income. Residual income pays you month after month for each person you refer. Refer a hundred people and you’ll get a percentage of those 100 sales month after month. Imagine how much money you’d have coming in if you signed up several thousand people! There are many people out there who do sign up hundreds of people each month. Their wealth increases every month when those people go out and sign up more people. It’s like your very own sales force!

Why should you choose an affiliate program that pays recurring commissions rather than one that pays a commission just once? Good question. The answer is obvious if you want to build a portfolio that pays you passive residual income.

Passive residual income are commissions that come in month after month after you make the initial sale. Most of these types of commissions come from sales of memberships to websites that charge a monthly fee to access their content. Subscription based websites generally fall into this category as well.

The way passive residual income works with affiliate programs is like this. Let’s say you have an affiliate link on your site to a online software company and you make a sale. This software requires users to sign up as members in order to use their software every month.

Unlike the traditional affiliate commission rate schedule that only pays you once, with recurring affiliate commissions you pay you a percentage of the monthly fee for as long as your referral remains a subscriber. If they keep renewing their membership for 3 years, you get paid a percentage of that monthly fee for three years.

I’m sure by now you’re beginning to see why passive residual income programs are so popular among Internet Marketers. It’s like the money keeps flowing month after month and you don’t have to do any more work.

Tiered affiliate programs are a real bonus. These are programs that pay you a percentage of the recurring fees that the people you sign up go out and sign up people under them! You’re now getting commissions on the people you signed up as well as the people they sign up. Some affiliate programs may pay up to 3 levels deep. This means you’ll get commissions from your referral, plus from the people they sign up and even the people they sign up as well! This is a huge opportunity to build wealth quickly by leveraging other people’s work.

This is the way smart Affiliate marketers build up wealth that keeps coming in month after month. Because once the initial sale is made, all they have to do is set back and watch the money roll in month after month. You can see how powerful this wealth building tool is just by having a few people each month sign up. With just a few signups per month, it won’t be long until you realize you have a pretty good monthly check that comes in month after month.

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