Earn More With Reseller Hosting

In the past few years the business of reseller hosting has emerged as one of the most interesting and unique online business ideas among the young businessmen. If you are a business person and want to invest in such a kind of a business where you can eventually work under a big brand and, yet, at the same time you can work independently with your customers too, then the business of reseller web hosting will be beneficial. Here, you will get a chance to earn a good amount of profit.

To start a reseller hosting business all you have to do is just purchase a bulk of web space from the actual web space company. Here you will be the middleman, so you will be provided with the whole sale price. That means you will be offered the web space at a very cheap rate. The original company will also allot you with a whole lot of services that you, in turn, can offer to your personal clients.

Once you purchase the web space all you have to do is search for your customers. Your customers will be those people who have got their own website and are looking for web space. Here, you will sell a certain part of the web space that you have purchased. However, at the same time you will sell the same web space at a very high price. As the original company is not dealing with the clients so you can charge a high price as you are the middle person.

Say for example, you have purchased 1000MB web space from the original company at the rate of $ 30 per month. Now, you can further divide this 1000MB into many parts; say you divide it into 10 parts each of 100MB. Now you can sell this 100MB web space to your clients at $ 20 per month.

So, if you sell 100MB web space to 10 people you get a net income of $ 200 per month. So, you can see that by just paying $30 per month you get a return of $200. That means you can earn a net profit of $170 per month. Thus, this is the way by which you can earn a lot as a reseller web hosting businessman.

In the reseller hosting business you will be standing between your client and the company. But, your basic intention will be to satisfy your clients. Therefore, according to your clients’ needs you can modify your plan.

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