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by Larry Tryings

There has been a new trend growing in the last few years. The improvements in internet speeds and advancements in computers have made downloading movies feasible. This has caused a new internet industry to emerge.

As online speeds increased, and PCs became increasingly more power, new possibilities arise. Downloading music files has been going on for years, since the birth of Napster. With the higher transfer speeds, and other innovations, it then became feasible to download entire movies in a respectable amount of time.

Streaming video is one fairly recent form of movie download viewing. With a stream the download is not permanently put on your computer. A buffer is established hopefully to ensure the stream is not stopped due to a slow in the download.

This type of download can often have a low quality image. This is due to the fact that it takes too long to download a better image. The image quality is sacrificed in order to have a smooth stream.

The people who do P2P (peer to peer) downloading are finding that Hollywood is trying to stop them. Hollywood feels that the sites that offer P2P environments are helping people break copyright laws. The law has not been clarified completely on this issue.

The gray areas of the law are that the access to the equipment that would allow an “illegal’ download to occur is not illegal in itself. So providing a person with a BitTorrent, for example, would be no different than providing a person with a car. If that person used that car to make a getaway during a robbery, that would not make the sale of the car illegal.

Many different companies are using movie downloads as part of their business model. Netflix now has a library of 12,000+ films that members have free access to through streaming video. This use of movie downloads is a perfect complement to their movie rental system that enhances the package they offer their members.

Even Amazon is jumping on the movie download bandwagon. They are now offering movies for purchase through downloads. Companies like this will be putting pressure on the video stores as people start getting comfortable downloading and not having to leave the house.

Most people won’t want to keep their movie downloads on their main hard drive. One option is to use an external drive to build your movie library. The more obvious move is to learn how to burn these downloads to DVD and then you can play them anywhere.

Some download sites provide films that are not up to par as far as picture quality goes. Make sure you read reviews of sites and check the blogs to see what’s out there. There is nothing worse than watching a blurry movie.

The movie download industry will only grow and improve. Movies should become even cheaper with this type of delivery system. The big companies are now starting to enter this booming industry, and this should have an impact on everything about buying and renting downloads. This should only benefit us, the consumers.

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