Don’t Make This Stupid Social Media Mistake

This error violates rule #1 of Social Media and I see MOST network marketers doing it and it aggravates me and I know thousands of others to no end. This mistake will absolutely get you nowhere and it will in fact do the exact opposite of what you are trying to accomplish. In fact it violates one of the main rules of social media and it will result in your website being slapped down in the search engines and give you personally a bad reputation.

What is this mistake I bet you are wondering? It’s posting, writing articles and sending out messages simply for the sake of advertising or selling. It won’t work. Web 2.0 allows a greater deal of interaction and doing this will get a lot of negative feedback. Not only that but people love web 2.0 because they don’t want to get pitched on some product or service. When you post your website simply for the sake of advertising the result is you are considered a spammer.

Is there a solution to your social media problem because we all want exposure for our business right? It is to provide a valuable service when you post. First make sure you are approaching your target market for instance; do not ever advertise on your Facebook profile that will backfire. Secondly, when you are approaching your target market give away something valuable. Don’t just post your website or send out an advertisement for your network marketing company. Social media users don’t like being sent to a squeeze page. I hate that and if you are honest so do you. The Golden Rule works in social media too “do unto others as you would have others do unto you.”

Give away something valuable to them and approach them as a servant giving help and assistance for NOTHING. If you do this you will in due time receive. So don’t be a spammerjust posting garbageprovide value and if you have to title it by something make sure the title is latent with the value that your target market is looking for.

Since teaching this to my group on Facebook I received a response from one of the members. Here is what she said, “I took your advicewell some of it. I read your blog and I left my blog, myspace and youtube url on my profile. I slimmed it down by taking off 6 sites. Now that I think about itthat is a pitiful shame.”

I definitely understand how you felt. You did the work and you want to capitalize on it through your Facebook profile since that is where most people go to learn about you. However, there is much better and more effective way. Facebook gives us the option to create a “page” for our company where instead of getting friends you get “fans” for your business. Of course as a personal profile you want to become a member of your business page and that in turn will be posted on your profile and the home page where others see their networks updates.

On the business page you can post events, videos, notes, start a discussion board and fans can post reviews on the page. So add items galore on your business page (as long as the content is valuable) and you won’t at all be considered a spammer. You can post a link to one of your business sites on your personal profile, but don’t overdue it.

I recommend sending Facebook fans to a blog or an in-between site that sends traffic to your money site. You can also create groups on Facebook around a specific subject that allows for a group to interact around the subject and it will in turn offer a link back to your site. Since you are the administrator it presents you as an expert in the field.

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