Don’t Fall Victim To Foreclosure Scams

Foreclosure is one of the worst things that can happen to a homeowner. Knowing there are scammers waiting to feed on your fear and vulnerability makes the situation even more worrisome. Hundreds have fallen prey to phony foreclosure counseling, phantom help, bait and switch, rent to buy, and bankruptcy foreclosure scams. Being able to know the telltale signs of a foreclosure rescue scam can save you the agony and suffering of becoming yet another victim.

What should you watch out for? Beware of any rescuer that guarantees or promises to save your house. You need to avoid any company that guarantees to end your foreclosure, tells you not to contact your lender, a lawyer or credit and housing counselors, requires an up front fee before providing services, will only accept certified funds or wire transfers as payment, or instructs you to make your mortgage payment to them instead of your mortgage holder.

Bait and switch scam artists outright steal your house by tricking you into signing papers that transfer the property deed or title to their company. Equity skimming scams steal the equity in your home while leaving you with your mortgage obligation. In the rent to buy scheme you are told to surrender the title of your home, but you will be able to remain in it as a renter. Although you have the option of buying it back, generally the terms are so outrageous it is impossible to do so. Avoid any company that instructs you to sign over the title or deed to your house.

Staying calm and not folding under pressure is the best thing you can do. Con artists will often offer to fill out paperwork for you. While you think they are giving a rescue loan for you, in actuality, they are taking the cash youve given them, filing a bankruptcy in your name and taking your house. Do not sign anything that you are unsure of or dont understand, and never allow any company to fill out paperwork for you.

Knowing where to turn is your best defense. You should start by contacting your lender and trying to make a payment plan. Additionally, the FTC offers free info that helps consumers recognize and avoid fraudulent, deceptive and unfair business practices. If you feel you have been the prey or a foreclosure rescue con you can file a complaint at the FTC website.

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